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School Out & Summer Camps


Our camp programs are designed to give children a Summer Day Camp experience that they won’t forget.  They will forge friendships among each other that last a life time and we will keep them moving & having fun for an active and adventurous summer break.   


These programs are designed to be extremely age-specific.  All children learn a lot of responsibility and a lot of lessons about our community.  However, education is not the purpose of these programs – keeping active, building memories, problem solving and making connections is!  We believe strongly that age-appropriate play is one of the best ways of learning new things.  In addition, we know that children’s brains need exposure to play, new experiences and active fun in order to develop to their full potential. Similar to how young children learn through play, school age children learn from new experiences and interactions.  We know that these children need connection.  Just one additional positive adult in their lives can make a difference in their ability to problem solve, make decisions and be generally resilient to life circumstances. Our school age program is designed to be a step above other school age enrichment programs.  We offer field trips and enrichment time.  We believe strongly that children need time to unwind and get moving during our summer program.  We provide a safe place to give children new experiences and skills.   

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